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Booking form for foreigners
About us

Namwa offers everyone the best quality staff and technology among Japanese gay massages.
There are three original courses and you can spend the bliss time.
If you choose your favorite staff and you receive the service of Namwa, your japan trip will be more fun!!
Outcall is possible within Tokyo and around Yokohama. The private room is in Higashi Nakano in the vicinity of Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Courses & Opitons

The following is an explanation of three courses. The price of the course is 10000JPY to 16000JPY. Detailed prices are listed on the reservation form.

★Relaxation oil massage★

This is the most basic oil massage. It is a course aimed at unraveling your body's tension and harmonizing the spirit. All staff can conduct this course.

★Body reset oil massage★

This is a course combining oil massage with stretching and skeletal correction. It is aimed at making your body light and easy to move. Some staff can not implement this course.

★Energy up oil massage★Recommended!!

This is the most exciting course that can be accepted only by namwa. Your body and sexual capacity will be very energetic. Staff will massage mainly on the lower abdomen and lower body. He also perform testicular massage politely. Some staff can not implement this course.

You can also add options to make the staff naked or take a shower with the staff.


・Please translate each page with the google translation button on the side of the each page.
・Women and boys under the age of 19 can not receive this services.
・There is "refreshing" by hand job, but there is no more sexual service.
・Please communicate with the staff through a namwa's communication card.
・There are various courses, but some staff can not do some courses.
・To protect privacy, we can not show the face of the staff in advance.

How to make a reservation

① After booking, you will receive an e-mail with course contents and amount written from us.
② If you want to confirm, you settle the deposit 3000 JPY on the following page.

③ After settlement, your reservation will be confirmed.

※If you may cancel, you only need to pay the deposit 2 hours before your massage.

Private room

・Private room is near JR Higashi Nakano station. We will inform you of the detailed location after the tentative reservation.
・There is only one room in our private room. You can not receive more than one person at the same time.
(We will have another private room in mid November.)
・Private rooms are located in residential areas. There are no markers nearby. You can come smoothly as you search the place with a google map.

Out call

· If you do not know the room number, please inform the room number after check in. The staff goes directly to your room.
· If the staff can not get to the room without a room card key, please join with the staff at the hotel entrance or lobby.
· Transportation fee depends on staff, but it is roughly 1000 ~ 1500 JPY. We will inform you the detailed fee when reservation is confirmed.
· Until the arrival of the staff, you should not be asleep in the room.Because when you are asleep you will not notice the arrival of the staff.

Booking form for foreigners
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